“Quitch aims to make understanding and retaining course material easier and more fun for students by transforming traditional lessons into games.”


Founded by two University Professors, the Quitch App started in 2015 and was exclusively available to their students. Based on the success rates demonstrated by their students, the pair decided to make this service widely available to educators worldwide. This app is now used by universities around the world and boasts a 12% increase in student retention and a 7% increase in academic performance. By being bold and putting the fun back into learning, students can game and learn at the same time.

Quitch strives to be the world’s most student-centric education platform, providing teachers with an easier and more technologically-relevant way to engage and retain their students. By harnessing the distractions that currently hinder students from focusing on their studies – their mobile phones and the games they play on them.

Quitch is reinventing the concept of student engagement. By transforming traditional lessons into games and curated quizzes, teachers now have an interactive and fun tool that is proven to better immerse students into their learning material.

By utilising innovative research from the world’s brightest minds in technology and education, Quitch has become an instant success in the classroom. “Curated Quizzes” and “Gamification” allow educators to provide their own course content, keeping teachers in charge of their classroom, and provides individual learning styles to their students through instant analytics.