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Quitch for associations

Offer a seamless learning experience to newly acquired members of your association. Gamify the process of acquiring a full membership / license to help them complete the required modules faster and more efficiently.

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Streamline your members’ learning journey

Quitch offers a faster path through to full membership by allowing members to easily identify areas they need to focus and simplifying their study schedule.

Keep your members on track

Send new content notifications and announcements directly to your members’ mobile phones. The quick reminders help keep their study front of mind throughout the semester.

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Measure program success

Quitch provides metrics on learner activity allowing you to gather insights to improve on learning programs.

Insurance Agent
Success Stories

Insurance Institute Ireland

“…in addition to facilitating learning, it further engages and motivates students.”


At its peak, 41,000 questions were attempted by 237 students on Quitch in the week leading up to the January 2021 exam sitting, with an 85% accuracy.

Phil Hancock, The University of Western Australia

“...student engagement was fantastic with 90% of the cohort using Quitch extensively. Students really enjoyed the convenience of course content being uploaded to their mobile devices.”
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