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Quitch for educators

Use gamification of course material and interactive quizzes to make online learning fun and engaging for your students. Our product is proven to increase student engagement with coursework and quiz material.

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Consolidate key content as it’s being taught

Use spaced repetition learning to help your students remember more of what they learn.

Motivate students to continue learning outside the classroom

Students can test themselves without fear of failure and identify areas they need to work on. This creates a positive feedback loop that empowers students to keep up with their coursework and continue learning in their own time.

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Get real-time analytics on student performance

Use our powerful analytics to spot areas of difficulty and adapt your learning plan so you can tailor the class to your student’s needs. Track student engagement to identify and offer support to those who may be at risk of failing or falling behind.

Bring Quitch to your students

Secondary Education

Quitch helps educators use the innate sociability and technology aptitude of secondary education students to drastically improve their learning experience and outcomes

Higher Education

On average, 25% of students drop out of each university subject within the first four weeks of teaching. Quitch deepens student engagement by making learning more sociable and enjoyable, and easier for lecturers to address individual and group difficulties with course content.

Vocational Education & Apprenticeships

Quitch helps bridge the gap between classroom and workplace by pushing useful knowledge and revision reminders straight to your students’ pockets. With Quitch, you can back up on-the-job training with the supporting knowledge students need to succeed.

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Published Research

On Becoming Quitch-perts

The perspective of a peer leader during remote learning.

Phil Hancock, The University of Western Australia

“...student engagement was fantastic with 90% of the cohort using Quitch extensively. Students really enjoyed the convenience of course content being uploaded to their mobile devices.”
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