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  • Why Quitch?
    Quitch is no basic quiz app, as there are no predefined questions that exist within the game. Employing a winning combination of learning theory with neuroscience, Quitch grabs the attention of learners and gives educators the power to create their own game, specific to the needs of their class and organisation. Educators curate and structure ‘classes’ separately and then invite learners to compete with each other for prestige, points, and badges. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us to arrange a demonstration and find out how Quitch can help make education more convenient and fun.
  • What is the science and learning theory behind Quitch?
    Quitch uses a tried and tested learning technique that has been around for almost two centuries. It’s called ‘spaced repetition learning’, and it’s tied to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, which shows that our brains naturally forget information over time. Spaced repetition learning, which is entrenched in Quitch’s gameplay, promotes memory formation. Quitch works by committing key information to long-term memory through the practice of active recall.
  • Has Quitch been proven to work?
    Our approach is proven by research and supported by continual testing and iterating. An initial study into Quitch’s success found that in a higher education setting: students on average achieved marks that were 7.03% higher compared to students who chose not to use the app, and student retention improved by just over 12% compared with the previous semester that did not use Quitch. Ekaterina Pechenkina, Daniel Laurence, Grainne Oates, Daniel Eldridge, Dan Hunter. Using a gamified mobile app to increase student engagement, retention and academic achievement. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 2017; 14 (1) DOI: 10.1186/s41239-017-0069-7
  • How do I implement Quitch in my organisation?
    The first step is to contact us to arrange a demonstration. With continued testing and close relationships with our customers, we understand that the way each organisation implements Quitch will be unique. Our team will support you to facilitate Quitch in your organisation according to your needs.
  • Are there fees associated with using Quitch?
    Quitch is always free for learners! Check out our marketplace in-app, find a class and get started on your learning adventure! Organisations can purchase a Quitch license where fees are based on the number of users and class duration. There are no storage fees, which means you can add as many questions and resources as you’d like. Contact us to find out about our subscription models and fee structures.
  • What equipment do I need?
    There is no need to download software to your computer, simply manage your classes via our cloud-based educator portal—accessed through your web browser on a desktop computer. Learners use their WiFi-enabled smartphones that use either Android or iOS systems to access the app.
  • What information is available in the educator portal?
    The educator portal allows you to track your learner’s progress, view powerful analytic tools, and download reports to understand how your users are performing. Quitch real-time analytics include: Performance—correct/incorrect answers Accuracy—correct answer on the first, second or third attempt Activity—usage rates Leaderboard—early warning of ‘at-risk’ or disengaged users CSV download of data, allowing for further internal analysis These analytics allow educators to respond in real-time to problems, such as lack of understanding or disengagement with the material.
  • Does Quitch integrate with existing Learning Management System (LMS) technologies?
    Quitch has developed an integration with Canvas. Click here to find out more about this exciting collaboration.
  • Can I create customisable push notifications to send to users?
    Quitch allows you to create and schedule announcements—a simple and effective way to send reminders about upcoming events (workshops, assessments); new product releases, or updated policies. These appear as push notifications when users have them enabled. Quitch also automatically sends notifications when new questions or resources are released.
  • How can I use Quitch as a tool for learners who need extra support?
    There are multiple ways you can use Quitch to support learning: Add hints for difficult questions—users can choose to view hints within gameplay when they require further assistance. Add an explanation—explanations are revealed to users after they attempt a question and can add further information or context to an answer. Upload supporting resources—if certain topics will have students searching for more information, add additional resources so that students can extend their learning when they want. Review areas of difficulty—make time to clarify or further explore topics that show low performance and accuracy results within the educator portal. See our best practice techniques and tips to get the most out of Quitch.
  • What devices are compatible with the Quitch app?
    The Quitch app is designed to be delivered via iOS and Android smartphones. The following list shows the minimum device requirements to use Quitch: iOS 11 or higher Android 7.0 (Nougat) or higher
  • I am a student who would like to use Quitch, but it isn’t provided by my institution. What are my options?
    It’s great to hear of student demand for Quitch and we would certainly love to help. Please contact us and we can discuss your options, and perhaps get in touch with the educators at your institution.
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