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Science-backed learning


The Quitch approach

We help stimulate an effective learning journey through spaced repetition by tackling retention problems and improving recollection. As revision content is repeatedly presented to learners through quizzes and tests, Quitch supports learners’ ability to recall and memorise topics.

It’s called ‘spaced repetition learning’, and it’s tied to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, which shows that our brains naturally forget information over time. Spaced repetition learning, which is entrenched in Quitch’s gameplay, combats our natural tendency to forget.

Why this works


Break down new learning material into bite-sized chunks


Revise regularly through short bursts of rapid-fire gaming


 Commit new information to your long-term memory through the practice of active recall

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The app — for learners

Study, revise, analyse

Learn something new or study your coursework - along with regular practice - anywhere and anytime through the Quitch app.


Phil Hancock, The University of Western Australia

“...student engagement was fantastic with 90% of the cohort using Quitch extensively. Students really enjoyed the convenience of course content being uploaded to their mobile devices.”
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