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Introducing a new way to learn.

Reimagine online learning through higher engagement and retention with Quitch.

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Quitch marketplace

Quitch Marketplace

Every subject you want to perfect, in one place.

Visit our marketplace for a selection of online courses that help you develop skills and learn new subjects efficiently and on the go.


Fun and games are a part of learning

Create interactive learner journeys to drive interest and engagement for your learners.
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Track learner progress & performance


View real-time analytics


Generate powerful reports


Create unlimited educational content & quizzes

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2024 VCE subjects

Study, revise, perfect - anywhere, anytime

Download the Quitch app to purchase 2024 VCE practice material and revision quizzes for deep learning. Perfect every topic, practice endless quizzes, and get a head start in the game.

For educators

Increase student engagement

Use gamification of course material and interactive quizzes to make online learning fun and engaging for your students.

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For associations

Create interactive membership journeys

Offer a seamless learning experience to newly acquired members of your association.

For businesses

Reduce training costs

Increase employee engagement and identify skill gaps in online learning and training instantly. As every moment your employee spends on training is time away from their jobs, gamifying training processes can help you reduce training costs.

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The app — for learners

Study, revise, analyse

Consume educational content and coursework, along with regular practice, anywhere and anytime through the Quitch app.


Michelle Ji (Student),
University of Sydney

“Quitch is a really good app that enables students to stay on track. Plus, the leaderboard function motivates students to finish each task with great fun.”

Evia Soronaivalu (Student),
Monash University

“I find Quitch a super innovative creation that I found invaluable during my time at university, particularly in units taught by Tiffany Winchester! Those units became the most rewarding and high achieving."

Ilena Natasha D'Costa (Student),
Swinburne University

“The app had a great interface and I loved the fact that it was like a game where we could collect points. That was truly motivating and helped us understand topics easily. Good recap.”

How does Quitch help learners?

Scientific methods for better learning

We help stimulate an effective learning journey through spaced repetition by tackling retention problems and improving recollection. As revision content is presented to learners repeatedly through quizzes and tests, Quitch supports learners’ ability to recall and memorise topics.

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Proven to improve retention

Our research on user feedback and engagement proves that Quitch user’s experience a considerable increase in learner retention and overall performance. Read our published report here: On becoming Quitch-perts: The perspective of a peer leader during remote learning.


of learners were motivated to study more


of learners understood their content better


increase in learner engagement


increase in final exam scores

Phil Hancock, The University of Western Australia

“...student engagement was fantastic with 90% of the cohort using Quitch extensively. Students really enjoyed the convenience of course content being uploaded to their mobile devices.”

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