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Microsoft Teams Integration


Create an engaging and fun learning experience with MS Teams and Quitch.

It’s short, sharp, bit size chunked learning and perfect to keep your learners engaged, happy and on track for success.


Check for understanding.

Learners will see a QR code to scan on their mobile devices. This will bring them to the quiz in the Quitch mobile app and they can answer questions.

Review areas of difficulty.

As an educator, you will see how the learners are performing. You can also view the leaderboard to see how learners rank against the class.


Add some friendly competition.

Learners can see their own individual progress and analytics. Gamification elements such as the leaderboard transform one-way presentations into interactive and engaging in-meeting experiences.

Get started in 3 steps…


1. Add the Quitch app to your meeting.

Schedule a meeting with at least one participant and add Quitch via the + button.


2. Select your Quitch topic.

You can choose from your available classes.


3. Run your meeting.

Visualise real-time analytics on comprehension and engagement straight from the side panel.

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