The first mobile platform to be proven in an higher education environment.

What is gamification? 

Gamification is using of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts. In this case, Quitch uses the games and game techniques to motivate students by making learning fun.

Fun is an extraordinarily valuable tool to make education better.

To engage students in their learning Quitch uses a range of gamification techniques, like pushing them into a timed quiz to compete against themselves, or by allowing them to challenge their friends to a battle of wills, or by giving them a series of rewards and feedback loops. Each of the techniques in Quitch are designed to create authentic motivation for students.

Benefits of using Quitch.

Quitch supports a large range of learning approaches. Automatic push notification of questions encourages students to engage with their learning outside of their classes, supplementing the physical delivery of teaching. The progression trees and conditional unlocking of content within Quitch creates a powerful tool for self-directed learning. And Quitch can push videos and instructional content to students, allowing flipped and blended teaching.

Learning can happen anywhere. 

Quitch does not force the teacher or student to adopt one set mode of teaching. Learning can happen in conjunction with physical delivery or separately from it. Students and teachers have been delighted with the flexibility of the platform, and found it supports a range of teaching and learning styles.

In studies of accounting and chemistry students in university, Quitch has been shown to improve retention and engagement by 12%, and overall comprehension by 7%.


Quitch provides data analytics for teachers and administrators, providing details on correct/incorrect answers, time-on-task for questions, access times for students, as well as a range of other relevant metrics. Teachers and administrators can view analytics on the webapp for detailed information about classes, or on mobile dashboards to give a snapshot of the class. Mobile dashboards in particular allow teacher to respond in real time to student problems, such as lack of understanding or disengagement with material.


Students love Quitch because gamified learning on mobile devices is a powerful combination. The game elements of Quitch mean that students can’t help themselves—they get engaged and motivated to learn without meaning to. And the mobile delivery of Quitch means they can learn wherever and whenever they want—on the bus on the way to school, at school during their lunch breaks, or last thing at night.

Quitch data analytics can to establish trends from the student behaviour that can be used to predict at-risk students—students who are likely to fail or drop out of the program entirely. Teachers and administrators can use Quitch to intervene with the at-risk students before the problems become incurable.