Singapore Landing Pad

The Landing Pad program is an initiative of Austrade, aimed at giving Australian startups a way to move into fast-moving entrepreneurial markets like Shanghai, Berlin and San Francisco. Quitch is part of the first group of startups in the Landing Pad in Singapore.

The Landing Pad was recently launched by Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop MP and her Singaporean equivalent, Minister Iswaran. Our very own, CTO and Co-founder, Prof. Dan Hunter met with the ministers and talked with them about the way that Quitch is revolutionizing learning.

“There is a neat fit between Quitch and Singapore,” said Hunter. “Singapore is a technology forward country, ‘where millennials spend approximately 3.4 hours per day on their mobiles’, according to a TNS global study.

“It is also a country with a deep commitment to learning, investing heavily in education and training. With our commitment to mobile learning, you can understand why we see Singapore as such an attractive market.”

There was great interest in Quitch at the launch event, particularly from private education providers. We hope this program will deepen our relationship with the Singaporean community and business opportunities alike. It marks the beginning of our commitment to expand into the SE Asian region.

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