PT Unico

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – July 5, 2017 – Quitch and PT Unico Today Announce Strategic
Partnership To Enable Mobile Learning in Indonesia.

Quitch’s CTO, Dan Hunter visited PT Unico’s CEO, Robert Cochrane earlier in 2017, this visit
began a further interest in the possibility of Quitch’s uptake in the Southeast Asian market.
Based on Robert’s university experience and contacts within Indonesia, it was decided PT
Unico would be the best consultancy firm to lead Quitch in this market.

PT Unico, a consultancy firm, will become the lead distributor of Quitch in Indonesia. As
Quitch aims to target the global market, this new partnership will help connect Quitch
to educational hubs throughout Southeast Asia.

The partnership will combine a gamified educational platform from Quitch with PT
Unico’s organisational links in educational hubs. Together, Quitch and PT Unico will
encourage institutions to embrace and become a part of mobile learning to engage students
and improve performance.

"PT UNICO is very pleased to be working with Quitch to help encourage Indonesian
institutions to develop new ways of monitoring and evaluating both student and teaching
outcomes across all of Indonesia. Through Quitch we believe will be very popular among
Indonesian students, most of whom have iPhones”.

Media contact:
Diana Pereira (Australia)