Reinventing how learners receive and engage with knowledge

Gamified learning

Fun is an extraordinarily valuable way to make learning more efficient and rewarding. Enhanced socialisation, competitiveness and fast reward feedback loops have quickly made a range of mobile apps central to modern human interaction. Quitch utilises these techniques to make learning fun.

Students can compete against themselves, or a wider group. Gamified elements on Quitch’s e-learning platform include:

•    Points for successful answers
•    Competitive leader boards
•    Achievement badges
•    Progression trees

The gamified nature of Quitch mean students can’t help themselves—they get engaged and motivated to learn without meaning to!

Quitch’s gaming features also makes it a safe way to facilitate personal learning growth. Students and trainees can learn by trial and error, and through repeated effort without consequence.

Content neutral and flexible

Supported content mediums

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Quitch is a content neutral e-learning platform, meaning you can tailor your content exactly to your education or training needs.

Easily curate learning content into timed questions in a range of formats via a web portal. ‘Push to pocket’ notifications are then scheduled and sent to students or employees to access on the Quitch mobile app.

In a world quickly moving beyond textbooks, Quitch e-learning platform and mobile app supports a range of content mediums.

Quitch facilitates flexibility around the curation of course content and mediums, scheduling options for delivery and analytics by class, topic or user.


Often educators and trainers don’t meaningfully know how their learners are performing until the end of semester, which can be too late.

Through Quitch’s real-time data, analytics and feedback, educators can monitor student performance, identify at-risk learners and adapt their teaching approach, such as revision focus or teaching process.

Quitch real-time student analytics includes:

•    Performance: correct/incorrect answers
•    Accuracy: correct answer on first, second or third attempt
•    Engagement: usage rates

Teachers and trainers can monitor engagement and performance at a macro level and see individual or group performance at a micro level. The mobile dashboard allows teachers to respond in real time to student problems, such as lack of understanding or disengagement with material.

There are
Students online

Katie has
Correct answers

Mobile-first learning


Meet students and trainees where they’re at.

Learners can engage with course material at a time and place that suits them on any device.

Learning can happen in conjunction with physical delivery or separately from it, and students can compete face-to-face in a classroom, remotely on the app, or just against themselves.

Other features

Push notifications

Send quiz questions, messages and reminders as a pop-up on students’ mobile devices. Push notifications encourage students to engage with learning outside of their classes, supplementing the physical delivery of teaching. Users don’t have to be in the app to receive them.


Microlearning is a learning approach that presents highly relevant, bite-sized content modules. It enables learners to ‘plug’ knowledge gaps and facilitate specific learning content.


Quitch’s revision module empowers users to address their knowledge gaps and revise the most relevant topics and questions based on their individual capability. Users can pin certain questions or wrong questions for extra attention.


Quitch provides a safe, optional and engaging alternative learning experience. This enables autonomy, self-directed learning and risk (ie: the learner can get it wrong and revise accordingly) without formal consequences.

Team teaching

Quitch facilitates team teaching through multiple platform access to add and edit content as well as download analytics to collaboratively monitor student performance and share best practice.


The cloud-based website portal and mobile app mean students, teachers and trainers can login to Quitch anytime, anyplace on any device. There is no need to download software to your computer.

Meeting user needs


I want to be able to see my
     improvement over time
I want to be able to see my learning
     journey: what I’ve done and how far I
     have to go
I want to be able to learn via different
     visual mediums for different types of
     learning resources
I want to be able to quickly learn the
     right answer if I get it wrong
I want to be able to see which topics
     and questions I need to revise
I want to be able to report an issue to
     the teacher/trainer
I want to be able to compete with
     other people, if I choose
I want to be able to quickly see how
     many questions I have left to
     complete per topic




I want to use Quitch to make learning
     fun and engaging while also teaching
     fundamental concepts
I want to be able to easily add and
     edit content including moving
     questions between topics
I want flexibility in terms of medium
     and resource type to deliver my
I want autonomy and flexibility in my
     scheduling preferences to match my
I want Quitch to provide a different
     service to Learning Management
I want to be able to monitor
     engagement and performance at a
     macro level and see individual or
     group performance at a micro level
I want to be able to search students
     or groups who are struggling based
     on key metrics