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General FAQS

Simply reach out from our contact page or email support@quitch.com. We will get you setup with a free trial. Enjoy!
Quitch has just closed an investment round.

Should you wish to register interest for future investment, register your interest

Quitch implements a “software as a service” (SaaS) model for distribution.

Pricing is based on the number of users.

Contact us for a personalised appraisal for your education needs.

Quitch implements a “software as a service” (SaaS) model for distribution.

Our platform is centrally hosted, and deployment is lightning fast.

There will be direct API integration to Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle in ver 3.0.

We’ll add other API integration with other LMSes on an as needed basis (i.e. client requests) in ver 3.1, 3.2, etc

Yes, there is a direct API integration for LMS tools including Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle.

This will enable users to login with their existing institutional credentials.

Subsequent LMS integrations will be released on an as-needed basis (ie. client requests) in ver 3.1, 3.2 etc.

At this moment, teacher set up on Quitch is to be created via desktop; game play is conducted via smartphone or tablet
Suggestions and feedback are fundamental to our development.

Please share your thoughts with us

If you need further information beyond the website, or are wanting a call or face-to-face chat, please contact us and we will schedule a time.
“Why Quitch? The world is evolving and becoming mobile. Students of today are overwhelmed with an abundance of distraction, reducing their focus and increasing their level of procrastination. Quitch was developed to tackle both these issues, aiming to revolutionise the education and training system we have in place today. We do this by leveraging the same method of distraction to recapture student attention.

Quitch has already displayed remarkable results, with a 12% increase in student retention and a 7% increase in academic performance.

Quitch is no basic quiz app, as there is no pre-defined questions that exist within the game. Employing a winning combination of learning theory with neuroscience, Quitch grabs student’s attention and gives educators the power to create their own game, specific to the needs of their own class.

Teachers curate and structure ‘classes’ separately and then invite their students in to compete with each other for prestige, points and badges.

If you’re interested in simply trialling Quitch with your students, it won’t cost you a thing. Contact us to get set up and help make education addictive.”

No. Quitch gameplay is built with an intuitive and easy-to-use backend for educators.

There are no axes to grind, or code to write.

Simply deploy Quitch, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sandwiched between 20 people on a train. Waiting for class to start, or any other place that students are seen on their phone (pretty much everywhere!).

The advantage of Quitch is that this time is made productive.

Teacher FAQS

Simply reach out from our contact page or email support@quitch.com. We will get you setup with a free trial. Enjoy!
Please ensure: (1) you have been set up by a member of the Quitch team, (2) you have verified your email (this could be located in your Junk mail), & (3) you have clicked the link in the email to create your username and password. If problems persist, please contact us or email support@quitch.com.
Head to the teacher back-end login page and hit ‘forgot password’, this will prompt you to input your email address, sending you a link to reset your password.
Please ensure: (1) your email is listed under ‘Allowed emails’ in the teacher backend, (2) you have downloaded the app via the ‘Apple Store’ or ‘Google Play’ and clicked the ‘Sign Up’ tab and entered your details, (3) a verification email will be sent to you (this could be in your Junk mail). If issues persist, please don’t hesistate to contact us or email support@quitch.com.
Quitch v3 will provide API integration with the three the most common LMSs (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and others as requested). The integration will allow for the passing of student credentials from the LMS into Quitch, to simplify management of student logins, as well as the automatic loading of instructional and assessment content from the LMS into Quitch. Quitch will then pass back analytics into the LMS, including results fed into Gradebook (or the equivalent).
Reports are generated online in an easy-to-read formate. Downloadable reports are available in CSV file.
Analytics and reporting are built into the teacher backend. At present, you have the ability to download a csv file from the User Stats tab within the teacher back-end. This csv file includes the students’ (1) username (2) userID (3) score (4) answered questions (5) correct answers (6) email address and (7) engagement level
Content storage is virtually limitless. No fees for storing content. Fees are charged based on number of users
Yes, of course! Although competition is fun, we understand some students may prefer to not share their scores with other students. Students can be reassured that upon registering, they have the ability to select their own username. Student emails will not be shown to other students on the leader board.
Unfortunately, at this stage, no. We made the decision not to include conditional logic in the system. We understand why you may want this; to test students’ consequentialist reasoning. Technically speaking, it is possible to create this in our platform, but we believe it’s too much to ask teachers to grapple with this type of thinking. Setting up different classes for these groups will generally give this level of control.
The current version does not have category/tagging capabilities. We do however have a hierarchy of classes, sections and topics, where generally, we find that this works well enough to segment content. This tagging feature will be adopted within a later build of Quitch to allow for easy reuse of content by educators, for the purposes of building their class material. All Quitch users will be notified of updates.
The new release will have leaderboards for absolute-standing and standing-among-peers, segmented by an adjustable time period (last week, this month, overall, etc). If you want to segment specific cohorts on the leaderboard, you can register them in separate classes (with the same instructional/assessment content). In addition, separate from the leaderboard, educators and students can access analytics of student performance, inaccuracy, time on task, speed of answers, etc.
In Quitch v3, any type of push notification can be created for students. We currently don’t have the ability to create push notifications for educators, however you are advised of students whose performance falls below specified levels, and can contact the student directly using the built in messaging system.
This is completely up to the educator, and depends on the discipline. We’ve witnessed Quitch’s success as both a mandatory requirement and mere recommendation.
We have found a few methods successful in motivating students to download and play Quitch: (1) Organise a time in class where you run through how to download Quitch and help your students through any difficulties they may encounter. In many cases, students won’t sacrifice their free time to understand something educational if they don’t have to. This method gives students time in class and where they will also see other students downloading the app too. (2) Every now and then within your course, in class or via email, screenshot the leaderboard and show the students in your class. The competitive spark in students will begin to fire up. (3) Students enjoy feeling rewarded, snacks, coffee vouchers, etc. are great ways to recognise and reward top performers in Quitch. Ensure this is highlighted to the rest of our students to motivate them to play.
Quitch v3 allows you to upload documents of questions, rather than creating it manually. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to set up a class.
Within the Quitch platform, there are multiple ways we can support student learning and retention: (1) There is an ‘Advice’ field available for every question. This is where you can give your student a hint, refer them to a specific chapter in their textbook, or even refer them to a video for help. This ‘Advice’ will be displayed when your student incorrectly answers a question. (2) When a student has incorrectly answered the question three times, the answer will be displayed to them. (3) For every question available, students have the ability to hit a ‘discuss’ button, which opens up the Quitch messanger program so they can communicate with you directly.

Student FAQS

Please ensure: (1) you have downloaded the app via the ‘Apple Store’ or ‘Google Play’ and clicked the ‘Sign Up’ tab and entered your details, (2) you have verified the email sent to you (this could be in your Junk mail). (3) you are using the same email your teacher has registered for you to play Quitch, (4) If issues persist, please don’t hesistate to contact us at help@quitch.com.
You will need to reset you password by clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ option within the Quitch app. This will ask you to enter your email address, then it will send you a link to reset your password.
If you are not receiving push notifications, check your phone settings to ensure notifications are allowed for Quitch. If the issue persists, please email help@quitch.com.
Once logged into the app, click the bar at the top of the screen ‘Hello ‘. This directs you to your account settings and allows you to change your username and password.
Please ensure you are logging in with the email address your teacher has registered for you. Still not the case? Quitch may take some time to load (more so on your first time logging in), please be patient. If after a few minutes, problems persist, please contact help@quitch.com
Yes, of course you can! The only way your classmates can identify you is by your username. Email addresses are not visible to anyone (other than your teacher). Your username can be anything fictional or non-fictional (essentially anonymous on the leader board) – let’s just make sure this username is PG rated.
How to turn on notifications when you first download Quitch: Select ‘ok’ when your mobile device asks if you want to allow notifications for Quitch

How you can change your notification settings after you have dowloaded (turn them on or off):
– iOS: Go to Settings > Select Notifications and search for Quitch in your applications.
– Android: Go to Settings > Select Applications > Select Manage Applications > Select Quitch and tap Notifications.

It’s great to hear of student demand for Quitch, we would certainly love to help. Please email us at admin@quitch.com and we can discuss your options, and perhaps get in touch with the educators at your corporate or educational institution.

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