Mobile engagement in education

Globally we’re on the brink of a wave of innovation in education. Universities, education providers and learning approaches are transforming in response to the changing nature of work.

At the forefront of this innovation is Quitch, a gamified mobile learning platform that is reinventing how learners receive, interact and engage with learning content.

Quitch has been developed and proven in a higher education environment by students and lecturers using mobile gamification to make learning more engaging, motivating and fun.

Quitch has been shown to improve retention by 12% and academic performance by 7%, in studies of accounting and chemistry university students.

Gamification in education


Fun is an extraordinarily valuable way to make learning more efficient and rewarding.

Enhanced socialisation, competitiveness and fast reward feedback loops have quickly made a range of mobile apps central to modern human interaction. Quitch utilises these techniques to make learning fun.

Quitch features timed questions, point attribution and scoring, competitive leaderboards, achievement badges and progression trees to create a powerful, engaging tool for both classroom-based and self-directed learning.

Each gaming element in Quitch is designed to authentically motivate learners.

Knowledge companion


Meet students where they’re at.

Students can access course material at a time and place of their own choosing, on any device.

Use ‘push to pocket’ notifications to send messages, questions and reminders as a pop-up on students’ mobile devices. Users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

Student analytics


Teachers can view individual and group analytics on a web portal or on mobile dashboard that provides a class snapshot.

Quitch student analytics can establish trends from student behaviour to identify at-risk students who are likely to fail or drop out of the program entirely.

The analytics feature enables teachers to change class and training plans dynamically as they can see in real-time how students are engaging with each topic or module.



Microlearning is a learning approach that presents highly relevant, bite-sized content modules.

Uploading short content to Quitch allows students to self-direct learning to the areas they feel need most revision and assess their knowledge quickly.

Microlearning improves engagement, knowledge retention, and learning efficiency.

What our users in education say

  • “One of the issues we had was lack of engagement and not being able to assess students’ engagement in real time. Quitch has given us the capacity to engage the students more effectively and to see how they progress with their understanding of topics. It is easy to use for students and at-hand at any time.”

    Dr Mahdi Miri Disfani – Academic, Infrastructure Engineering
    University of Melbourne

  • “Quitch is an easy app to upload course-based questions for students to access. The app is also easy for students to download and use at their convenience and compatible with their mobile phones and other devices. It is great to know how many have been using it and students were very positive in their feedback.”

    Mrs. Kathleen Griffiths – BEc., M.B.A., MEd.
    Course Co-ordinator and Lecturer in Global Marketing. Course Co-ordinator Internships – RMIT University

  • “We used Quitch with the full time MBA cohort at UWA for the first time in 2017. The engagement was fantastic with 90% of the cohort using the resource extensively. Students really enjoyed the convenience of it being accessible on mobile devices.”

    Phil Hancock – BCom MCom W.Aust., FCPA, ACA
    Associate Dean – The University of Western Australia

  • “I love this app! The trial has gone really well. I have been using the app with students in my Year 8 Maths class. Being 13 it has taken a few reminders to get them to remember to complete the questions but the kids have been very enthusiastic. In the beginning I had new questions appearing once a week but they were demanding more!”

    Tom Whipp, Frankston High School

  • “Formative assessment is a critical initial step for accurate measurement and evaluation of student performance. Quitch can support the critical step of assessment by providing timely, targeted asynchronous formative assessment feedback. Perhaps more importantly instructors can use student responses to continuously enhance teaching and learning opportunities.”

    Jace Hargis, PhD
    University of California, San Diego

  • “Quitch has proven to be a most useful instrument in supporting student understanding of concepts in our Managing in the 21st Century course. Each week the materials covered in class can be reinforced using Quitch. Students have found that it greatly assists their revision at the end of the semester. A learning tool highly relevant to the technology of today and the interests of our students and very user friendly.

    Dr Alan Robertson, Dean of Studies
    Nawaloka College of Higher Studies, Sri Lanka