Employee engagement.

All businesses face various training programs on an ongoing basis and over time become tedious. Quitch is able to provide a more exciting and entertaining way to deliver training as it supports a combination of video, text and audio instructional content formats to ensure that employees are engaged.

Managers and trainers.

Quitch offers real-time analytics for managers and trainers which help deliver better insight into employee understanding of compliance and training. These analytics are can also be transferred into reporting data for further examination. 
Compliance training for staff is an essential part to building a positive culture, establishing acceptable standards of behaviour and providing a safe work environment for all.


    “I was really impressed with Grainne’s first hand knowledge of the problems faced with engaging with students in the age of screen addiction and the way in which her team is going about helping academic staff to address this.”

    Ned Moorfield – Experienced Technology Entrepreneur, Founder of GoCatch, and Senior Product Manager


    “Quitch is a fabulous mobile platform: Pour any type of engagement and learning content into it, and watch Quitch motivate your audience to engage using their phones. And then see how well your engagement campaign is doing using Quitch’s data analytics—which is available via mobile as well. Quitch is a genuinely scalable engagement platform for brands, students, health and more; at your fingertips.”

    Head of Product – Atlassian HipChat