Gamified mobile learning for business

Quitch is a supplemental tool that saves company resources and motivates employees to access training material at a time and place that suits them on their mobile device.

Putting the power to control when and where they learn in the hands of employees, Quitch also empowers trainers and managers to send messages, questions and reminders as push notifications.

Employees can also be kept up-to-date with the latest information from their trainers and managers, regardless of where they are working.

Enhanced socialisation, competitiveness and fast reward feedback loops have quickly made a range of mobile apps central to modern human interaction. Quitch utilises these techniques to make training fun.

To create a powerful, engaging tool for both face-to-face and self-directed employee training Quitch utilises:

•    Timed assessments •    Point attribution and scoring •    Competitive leader boards •    Achievement badges •    Progression trees

Each gaming element in Quitch is designed to authentically motivate employees.

Microlearning is a learning approach that presents highly relevant, bite-sized content modules. It enables employees to ‘plug’ knowledge gaps in career development and facilitate specific learning content.

Quitch’s bite-sized and easily accessible learning modules allow employees to access learning material as needed, on any device.

Other forms of training, such as face-to-face or workshop based training, which take place outside the employee’s regular workday can be difficult to apply once back in the workplace.

As Quitch content is available from the cloud on any device, employees can access information on-demand. The employee-driven nature of microlearning increases engagement, motivation and knowledge retention.


Quitch is a content neutral e-learning platform, meaning you can tailor your content to exactly your employee and training needs.

An easy-to-use website portal allows trainers and managers to upload learning content to the Quitch e-learning platform, for their employees to access on the Quitch mobile app.

The Quitch e-learning platform and mobile app support the upload of a range of educational resources:

•    Text •    Picture •    Video •    Documents •    Slideshows •    Hyperlinks

Trainers and managers can view individual and group employee analytics on a web platform or on mobile dashboards.

Quitch analytics can determine the status of levels of job knowledge or compliance in real time, allowing early intervention and rectification.

Mobile training for

Product training

In-depth knowledge of products and services is essential for efficient retail staff to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Quitch enables staff to interact with products and services in an engaging, social and fun experience. Easy upload of new content to the Quitch portal paired with mobile app push notifications ensures up-to-date knowledge in fast changing product environments.

Remote employees

Whether individual employees or whole teams are situated remotely, Quitch ensures everyone feels part of the team.

The gamification of learning content through Quitch helps bring remote teams together in fun and social competitiveness. Using a central portal, managers and trainers can distribute training modules, alert users to new content with mobile app push notifications and assess completion and pass rates in real-time.

Induction & training

Quitch enables faster, more efficient and more engaging employee inductions, saving time and resources.

Spaced repetition ensures knowledge is not dumped on employees in long sessions. Instead employees can complete short modules repetitively over time, leading to optimised knowledge retention.


Employees often lack engagement with knowledge of health and safety, legal requirements, company procedures and ethics, leading to low retention of compliance training.

Quitch helps increase engagement with compliance training through gamification and social competitiveness, while also increasing knowledge retention through spaced repetition of information. Trainers and managers can access real-time metrics on employee completion and pass rates.

What our users in business say

  • “I was in the audience at SXSW when Grainne presented on Quitch. The team’s done a great job of understanding the user journey. They’ve incorporated modern communication mechanisms (i.e., mobile first), gamification, and a content-neutral platform that works for both content providers and consumers. It really is a great concept, that’s deservedly getting traction not just globally across universities, but in other fields as well — for example, healthcare and compliance training. I wish Grainne and the team every success.”

    Christopher W. Richardson, CEO Linius Technologies Limited

  • “Quitch is a fabulous mobile platform: Pour any type of engagement and learning content into it, and watch Quitch motivate your audience to engage using their phones. And then see how well your engagement campaign is doing using Quitch’s data analytics—which is available via mobile as well. Quitch is a genuinely scalable engagement platform for brands, students, health and more; at your fingertips.”  

    Head of Product – Atlassian HipChat