Access Education

Quitch and Access Education Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide VCE
Students Access to Mobile Learning Revision Programs.

We are proud to announce our newly formed partnership with Access Education.

Access Education was established to increase VCE student learning and retention, through
revised learning programs. Managing Director, Steven Scheloske says…

“We at Access Education have always prided ourselves on reaching out to VCE students and
teachers in regional Victoria. Now, thanks to our new friends at Quitch, even more students
will have access to resources that will help them achieve their personal best in their final
year of high school. Working together with Quitch, we have been able to launch a new app
called the “Access Ed Daily Challenge”. Now students can have subject specific questions
delivered straight to their phones or tablets daily. They can compete with their friends and
be rewarded for their accuracy. The “Access Ed Daily Challenge” app will gamify education,
making revision more entertaining.”

Like Access Education, Quitch was designed to increase student performance and retention.
Other than the sheer delight of supporting VCE students, we are glad to be partnered with a
company so compatible. This initiative will work to re-engage distracted students in a way
that appeals to their current social needs. Using targeted push-notifications, we hope to
assist Access Education to engage with students at a time that suits them, e.g. travelling
home from school via train or bus.

Quitch Founder and CEO, Dr. Grainne Oates states, “We expect that the uptake of Quitch
will provide improved student learning outcomes. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this
initiative, and simply can’t wait to share the results!”

To find more information on Access Education and their “Access Ed Daily Challenge” app,
please visit

Media contact:
Diana Pereira (Australia)